North Shore stabbing victims discharged from hospital

Source: 1News

The victims of a random stabbing rampage at Auckland’s North Shore on Thursday have now been discharged from hospital.

An officer at the cordon in Mairangi Bay.

Four people were taken to Auckland Hospital in a moderate condition after they were attacked by a man with "quite a large knife", according to Superintendent Naila Hassan.

The 41-year-old, who has been arrested and charged with assault and four counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, began his attack at 11.18am Thursday when he allegedly stabbed the occupant of a nearby property.

He then moved to Murrays Bay, where he allegedly stabbed the other three, near a bus stop.

Hassan said the man then walked to nearby Mairangi Bay, where he was taken into custody after members of the public “acted with extreme bravery” by using a crutch to apprehend him.

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Local Ian Kingon, who helped stop the attacker, told 1News he and another man attempted to talk to the alleged offender as they followed him on foot.

"I asked if he'd like to put the knife down.. but he never communicated with us at all," said Kingon.

They were joined by two young tradesmen who "responded without hesitation" after being alerted to the situation.

Eventually, the group "sort of corralled him up against a white car".

Ian Kingon recounts the Murrays Bay stabbing on Thursday morning.

As the man turned his back to "try and get away", Kingon said one of the tradesmen "managed to borrow, grab a crutch from a gentleman that was standing here" and disarmed him.

"He got a blow to the head, a blow to the wrist and then that caused him to drop the knife," he said.

"The four of us just closed ranks around him and wouldn’t let him get up."

According to police, the time between police receiving the first reported attack and the apprehension was “less than 10 minutes”.

The alleged offender, who sustained moderate injuries, appeared in the Waitākere District Court on Friday.