East Auckland shooting shocks residents, landlord

The owner of the East Auckland property shot at on Wednesday night says it's shocking and scary.

Show Wang told 1News Mellons Bay residents are aware incidents like these are becoming a problem, and thinks they are increasing due to rising costs making things difficult for some.

Wang says nobody was home when the shooting occurred, and he was contacted by a neighbour.

Another resident who's lived in the neighbourhood for 52 years says she is heartbroken.

"I've brought my kids up here, my grandkids... I knew the people that lived around here, I watched their children grow up... I'm just trying to process it, that it's happened here."

There have been a string of shootings at houses in Auckland this week, with a number linked to ongoing tensions between the Killer Beez and Tribesmen gangs.

It's not been confirmed whether this shooting was related.