Auckland essential worker assists in Hawke's Bay crash

Source: 1News

Four firefighters temporarily went into isolation after an essential worker from Auckland stopped to assist a person injured after crashing into a bank on SH5, Hawke's Bay early Friday.

A firefighter operates a fire truck while battling the SkyCity NZ International Convention Centre fire.

The single-car crash occurred on the Napier-Taupo Road at about 12.30am, a police spokesperson told 1News.

The vehicle's sole occupant received minor injuries in the crash.

An essential worker from Auckland who had been carrying out permitted travel at the time provided assistance after coming across the scene, the spokesperson said.

The essential worker has since been tested for Covid-19, a Fire and Emergency spokesperson told 1News.

Four members of the Bayview Volunteer Fire Brigade who attended the crash had been ordered to go into self-isolation as a precaution while the worker was tested, but have since been told it was no longer required. 

No police staff were required to self-isolate.

"All Covid-19 protocols were followed by police staff and the people involved in the crash," the  spokesperson said.

"Having considered all of the circumstances, no police staff were required to self-isolate."