Boys, aged 5 and 9, 'flew off their feet' after cyclist failed to stop at Auckland crossing

Rebecca Moore
Source: 1News

Two young Auckland boys were hospitalised after a cyclist struck them down, causing them to fly in the air at a pedestrian crossing yesterday.

The boys' mum, who just wanted to be named as Katy, told 1 NEWS it was "terrifying".

"Both of them flew off their feet right in front of my eyes. It was horrifying."

The boys were excited for their day — heading to City Nippers, an educational programme for youngsters to build confidence at the beach.

They were early, though, so around 8.45am the family decided to go to Kohi Beach Eatery, across the road from the beach.

Katy said a bus and other cars had stopped for another woman to cross at the crossing outside the cafe when her sons, aged 5 and 9, stepped out.

"I'm normally strict with the boys," she said, but on this day they went ahead.

Midway through crossing, both children were hit by a cyclist who failed to stop. Katy said he appeared to be looking down at the time.

"It was terrifying. I was like, 'My babies!' It was horrifying," she said, adding she'd played the incident over in her head.

Her five-year-old was knocked unconscious, and both boys were covered in scratches and wounds from the impact of the bike.

"I was shaking and I was crying and worried ... I didn't know what to do.

"It was really frightening."

Bystanders rushed to the mum's aid, though, including medical professionals and a fireman who advised her not to move the injured boys.

"I would like to acknowledge everyone, most from the cafe — people who came straight away to help us," Katy said.

She said the cyclist "felt sorry", but she questioned why he didn't stop.

"I think they really need to know as cyclists they need to abide by the road rules."

Katy also said speed bumps before the crossing would help as other people in the area had shared stories of near misses.

However, Auckland Transport senior media adviser Natalie Polley said there was no significant history of complaints about the particular site.

"The crossing is well-marked and easily seen," she said.

"AT takes every crash seriously and this appears to be an incident where a cyclist, unlike the motorists, has failed to stop."

Polley said there had been no reported pedestrian or cyclist crashes within the past five years. There is one reported vehicle crash in 2014 – which wasn’t at this crossing, but nearby.

"AT’s priority in this area at the moment is the nearby town centres of Mission Bay and St Heliers, where we have undertaken recent extensive consultation. We will seek a report from the police and depending on the findings of the crash, we may review this crossing."

A police spokesperson said police are making follow up inquiries into the matter, "including speaking with witnesses".

"No charges have been laid at this stage, however the investigation is in its early stages."

Both boys were taken to hospital. The nine-year-old has since been released, and after undergoing x-rays and scans the five-year-old was expected to go home today.

Katy said the youngest was also talking about how he hates bikes and said he was "scared" after seeing his injuries in a mirror.

However, she added: "They are resilient kids."