Photos: Auckland abruptly turns orange as smoky haze drifts across from Australian bushfires

Source: 1News

Auckland city has suddenly gained an orange hue this afternoon, as smoke blown from Australia's bushfires clouds over the city.

Dark orange glow behind Sky Tower from Australian bushfires.

It comes after the significant haze clogged the skies in the South Island earlier this week.

Eerie orange skies over Auckland.

The strange colouring has gained a lot of sudden attention online, after the lighting abruptly shifted at around 2pm today.

It's gradually gotten darker as the afternoon has worn on.

Photos taken from the TVNZ building in Auckland's CBD show a hazy sky over the Sky Tower.

The Auckland city skyline glows an eerie orange as smoke from the Australian bushfires clouds the sky.
Haze from Australian bushfires over Port Waikato.

The smoke will likely thicken over the upper North Island for the rest of the day, before clearing on Monday.

This afternoon, Minister of Defence Ron Mark announced New Zealand will send three helicopters and crew, as well as two NZ Army Combat Engineer Sections and a command element to help support the Australian defence force as they battle the fires.

The teams will start heading out tomorrow, to remain until the end of January.