Man charged with stealing car and fleeing police

Source: 1News

A Palmerston North man is facing numerous charges, including stealing a car, unlawfully having a gun and failing to stop, after a fleeing incident earlier this week.

A police car (file).

Sergeant Tony Woodbridge said a 32-year-old was arrested after driving a vehicle - which was allegedly stolen - on Waianakarua-Kakanui Road, south of Oamaru.

He said the vehicle was thought to have been stolen in Oamaru on Tuesday. Police also believed the man was behind another vehicle theft in the town last month.

Woodbridge alleged that the man was signalled to pull over but failed to stop.

He said the driver continued towards the town of Kakanui.

Police used spikes on Maheno-Kakanui Road to try and stop the vehicle, he said.

"But the driver avoided these and continued driving.

"It was successfully spiked further down the road, and eventually came to a stop in the Kakanui township."

Woodbridge alleged the man then tried to flee on foot, but was arrested shortly at a property in Kakanui.

Officers found an imitation firearm, a sawn-off shotgun, ammunition, drugs and knives in the vehicle, according to Woodbridge.

He is due to appear in the Timaru District Court on Thursday.