Thousands of Aucklanders embrace return of French Festival

Source: 1News

More than 10,000 Aucklanders embraced the return of the popular French Festival this weekend, after it was forced off the local calendar by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thousands turned out to say bonjour to the many French business operators with products on show.

Every inch and corner of Shed 10 was a display of the mastery, passion and flare known as French cuisine.

There were also plenty of tips on offer for those not too busy choosing between the escargot, delicate pastries and classics like freshly imported cheese.

But if you want passion in your food, you might just find it in the macaron.

“You've got all this texture and you’ve got the most sexy pastry you can have in the world” one operator said.

“Food has to be glamorous for it to be eaten.”

French pizzazz was also on show, but with a modern twist – much to the delight of the festivalgoers.

The rave reception is good news for festival organisers keen to reconnect with customers after three years.

“We're really happy and proud and grateful that they're still here standing with us,” organiser Clara Legoff said.