Retail giant Costco looking to expand around NZ

US retail giant Costco is looking to expand into Wellington and Christchurch, as well as adding a second Auckland store.

Costco in US.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson has been meeting with Costco in Sydney on Friday.

He also held meetings with his Australian counterpart at the same time as Jacinda Ardern and Anthony Albanese.

There's already a Costco store built in Auckland, which is scheduled to open at the end of August.

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Costco is a large US retailer famous for bulk groceries, as well as other items.

When plans for the first Auckland store were announced, a retail industry expert said Kiwi consumers can expect big discounts.

"Costco will be 30 per cent cheaper on average for most products, and will have a wide range of goods from household products to catering supplies through to coffins and petrol and tyres.

"It's like The Warehouse on steroids would be the way I describe it - huge in scale and huge in range," Chris Wilkinson from First Retail Group said.

Costco runs on a membership system, with costs starting at $55 for a business membership.