Mallard fronts over protest trespass notices, stonewalls media

Maiki Sherman
Source: 1News

Speaker Trevor Mallard has fronted up publicly for the first time to answer questions since trespass notices were issued over the protests at Parliament.

But he refused to be interviewed by the media on Wednesday, opting instead to storm past journalists stating "no comment".

Appearing before a select committee, he was asked about the trespass notices but also refused to be drawn on the matter.

"Because it's not in the public interest," Mallard said.

He added that's because there are cases currently before the courts.

ACT MP Simon Court then quizzed Mallard on whether his tactic to blast music at protesters would have financial implications.

"Have you made any provision for paying royalties to the writers of Baby Shark or any of the Barry Manilow tunes that you played during the protest recently?" he asked.

"I've made no provision in next year's budget for that," Mallard replied.

A 1News Kantar Public Poll on Tuesday revealed just 17% of people approved of the way Mallard was doing his job.

Asked by National MP Chris Bishop whether he was worried by the poll, Mallard claimed he knew nothing about it.

"Which poll result was that?" Mallard asked. "I saw nothing relating to next year."

University of Auckland political scientist Lara Greaves says the poll result was not good news for the Speaker.

"I think generally, the public expects neutrality from their Speaker and I think at times, Trevor Mallard has shown a bit more personality than what is traditionally in that role," she said.