Ardern, Breakfast exchange 'tasteful' Christmas gifts

Source: 1News

Breakfast has a tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts with both the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition on their last appearances on the show each year.

“It’s something for your hen party, Prime Minister,” host John Campbell begins as the wrapped box was handed to Jacinda Ardern.

“This could be any manner of distasteful gifts,” Ardern pondered.

“It’s not! We do taste here on Breakfast,” Campbell explained. “I’m from Grey Lynn for God’s sake. What do you expect is in there?”

“I’m from Morrinsville, so that’s why I went straight to that place!” Ardern said.

“This will never see the light of the day,” she added after she opened it.

Jacinda Ardern opens her Christmas present from Breakfast.

The Breakfast crew received something in return for their efforts - mugs designed by the Prime Minister to reflect the tumultuous year it’s been.

Watch the full exchange in the video above.