Breakers ‘on the mend’ after Covid-19, ahead of Phoenix game

Source: 1News

The Breakers team is “on the mend” after a Covid-19 outbreak which saw nine people in the team's set up test positive for the virus in Australia.

Breakers owner Matt Walsh, who tested Covid-positive, said he was feeling better.

“I was fortunate. I was very sick for only about two days. I bounced back really quick,” he told Breakfast.

“Covid is a bit unpredictable - I probably jumped back in my normal routine too quick and I’m paying for it a bit now. I’m not feeling 100 per cent.

“But, all in all, I feel pretty good. The most fortunate [thing] is my son is fine - that was the big concern. My son was also one of the ones who contracted it.”

Coach Dan Shamir had experienced the virus more severely, Walsh said.

He said Shamir was feeling good now after battling a fever for more than a week.

Walsh said the team was “so strict” in following health guidelines throughout their time in Melbourne. So, he still wasn’t sure how Covid-19 spread through the team.

“We’re all on the mend now and the focus is on winning games and trying to avoid another spread through the team.”

The Breakers will be playing the Melbourne Phoenix on Friday night.

Walsh said the team felt good about the game on the whole, but some “residual effects” of Covid-19 may still be lingering.