'We are the reset,' Luxon says as new National leader

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Refresh the page for a recap on 1News' updates after National voted in its new leader, Christopher Luxon, with Nicola Willis as his deputy.

What you need to know

Christopher Luxon was on Monday voted in by the National Party as its new leader, replacing Judith Collins. Nicola Willis is the deputy leader.

Luxon has just made his first speech as National leader saying the pair will bring a “reset” to the party.

His message to voters is “National is back”.

Christopher Luxon

It comes after Judith Collins lost the job last week, after drawing the ire of caucus for her demotion of Bridges.

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6.01pm: That concludes 1News' live updates on the National Party leadership vote.

5.18pm: Judith Collins has voiced her support for the new leader on social media.

5.14pm: "Congratulations to the new National Party Leadership Team Christopher Luxon and Nicola Willis MP!" the Young Nats said on Facebook.

"We are backing you all the way."

5.10pm: Luxon has apologised for his unabashed loved for country music, saying it's not a “cool” thing to admit.

"That’s not cool to say, and I apologise to New Zealand for saying it, but I do like it."

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4.59pm: "All signs point to it being a better future for National coming out of what's been a very tumultuous week or two, a tumultuous year, a tumultuous 18 months," political commentator Ben Thomas told 1News.

4.56pm: He said it was an "uncontested leadership".

4.51pm: Luxon says roles within the caucus will be announced in due course.

"There has been no commitments made to positions."

4.35pm: He says while his Christian faith is "often misrepresented and portrayed very negatively", it is "actually something that has grounded me and put me into context something bigger than myself".

"I want to be very clear: we have separation between politics and faith."

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4.26pm: Luxon says he brings "a fresh set of eyes" to the party.

"What I see is this place and country needs a real shake-up. Nicola [Willis] and I are fresh faces for a revitalized National Party. We are the reset.

"Today we are drawing a line under the events of the last four years, and we are putting them behind us."

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4.21pm: "It's an incredible privilege and honour to have been elected the leader of the New Zealand National Party today," Luxon told reporters in a press conference this afternoon.

Luxon thanked his colleagues for "putting their trust in me" despite his "relative newness" to politics.

4.10pm: Luxon has made his first tweet since being named as leader of the party.

3.42pm: Former Speaker and National Cabinet Minister Sir David Carter said Luxon’s appointment as the leader of the party is “a good decision”.

“He’s unknown, he’s fresh and he has the chance now for New Zealanders to get to know him.”

3.39pm: “I’ve known Chris for a while and I wish him all the best,” ACT leader David Seymour told 1News.

“I never claim any wisdom about who the National Party will pick next. I hope he is more successful than his predecessor.”

He says he has worked with five previous National leaders and is looking forward to working with the sixth.

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3.33pm: “It is a tremendous privilege to lead our great party, and I thank my colleagues for the confidence they have placed in me,” Luxon said in a statement.

“I’m delighted the Caucus has elected Nicola Willis as Deputy Leader. She will do an incredible job and we will be a formidable team.

“The unified National Party that Nicola and I lead will work every day to represent all New Zealanders, earn back their trust and confidence, and deliver for them.

“Now, more than ever, New Zealand needs the National Party to offer them hope, ambition and drive to meet the challenges of the coming decade."

New National Party leader Chris Luxon.

3.29pm: Christopher Luxon has been officially elected as leader of the New Zealand National Party, with Nicola Willis to serve as deputy leader, the party said this afternoon in a press release.

3pm: National MP Mark Mitchell said in a tweet, "Am really pleased to be throwing my support behind Chris Luxon. An exciting new start for us as a Party."

2.37pm: Bridges praised Luxon following his withdrawal from the leadership race.

“I see his heart has values. I think he’s going to be a great leader of the National Party and, ultimately, a strong Prime Minister.”

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He wouldn’t say when or how exactly he made the decision to pull out, who he was backing as deputy, or what his role would be under Luxon’s leadership.

2.35pm: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern earlier imparted some words of wisdom to the next National leader ahead of the caucus meeting.

“Regardless of the change in leadership with the Opposition, my focus remains the same: navigating New Zealand through this incredibly tough period of a pandemic and the economic impacts of it.

“My message to whoever takes on the mantle is to remember how important it is to focus on the things that New Zealand wants us focused on.”

2.31pm: Labour’s Peeni Henare said it wasn’t for him to judge whether Luxon would be a good leader.

“I’ll just say to him, good luck," he said.

2.28pm: Chris Bishop told reporters he was supportive of Luxon as leader.

“He’ll make a great leader of the National Party, he’s going make a great Prime Minister. I can’t wait to serve in his team. It’s an exciting day for New Zealand, a big reset moment for the National Party."

He said Bridges would remain a “critical part” of the National Party team, which would “go forward together”.

2.21pm: Luxon won the seat of Botany off Jami-Lee Ross at last year's election and is publicly close with former PM Sir John Key, who referred to Luxon as a "world-class candidate" in 2019.

2pm: Simon Bridges has withdrawn from the race to be National's new leader, calling Christopher Luxon to offer his support.

Luxon still needs to be officially crowned by caucus, but that appears a formality now. They will meet at 3pm, with a press conference to be held afterwards. 1News.co.nz will stream it live.