Luxon jokingly apologises to NZ for loving country music

Source: 1News

Christopher Luxon has apologised to New Zealand for his love of country music, and says he knows it’s not a “cool” thing to admit.

The new National leader was self-deprecating, sharing his love for the music genre and some of his hobbies, after being asked to describe himself during his first press conference Tuesday.

“I love water skiing, and I love country music,” said Luxon.

“And that’s not cool to say, and I apologise to New Zealand for saying it, but I do like it.”

He described himself as a “proud” husband and dad to his wife Amanda, and children William and Olivia, and a man that is partial to a bit of DIY.

“I’m a wannabe DIY guy, I spend too much time at Bunnings looking at the Ryobi 1 tool set.

“I’m an extrovert and fundamentally I know how to lead people and how to lead teams.”

The party’s new Deputy leader Nicola Willis described herself as someone with a “hard head, but a soft heart”.

“I am someone who wants to work with this man to make this country a much better place for all of us,” she said.

Both Luxon and Willis were announced as the party’s new top duo on Tuesday afternoon.

Luxon won the Botany seat off former National MP Jami-Lee Ross at last year's election, while Willis came to Parliament in 2018.