Sky-high enrolments hoped to end teacher shortage

Source: 1News

There’s hope the chronic teacher shortage may be finally easing off, with the number of people studying for the profession now sky-high.

For years, the sector has struggled filling vacancies, with waning enrolment numbers at universities having fuelled the problem, until now.

The number of students choosing to study early childhood education has jumped 31 per cent, those studying primary are up 27 per cent and there is a massive spike for secondary of 40 per cent. 

It has resulted in an increase of over 1000 students from last year. 

The Education Ministry’s Ellen MacGregor-Reid said the recent increase will be a “great addition” to the struggling workforce. 

The number of people studying to enter the education sector is skyrocketing, but there's concern they won't actually enter the industry.

“Historically we’ve seen interest in teaching as a career because it is a highly-regarded job, it’s interesting and a stable form of employment.”

While studying teaching is one thing, the real question is whether they will stay in the profession with concerns, particularly in the early childhood sector, it might not happen. 

“We’re consistently hearing from ECE centres that are advertising for 12 weeks and getting no applications,” NZEI spokesperson Liam Rutherford told 1 NEWS.  

“What we actually need is a sustainable workforce in education and that has to be underpinned by good wages and good terms and conditions.”