Kids asked about changing country's name to Aotearoa

Source: 1News

Referring to our country as Aotearoa is becoming more popular with the increase in the use of te reo phraseology, greetings, and references among the general population.

There have even been recent suggestions of a referendum on changing the name of New Zealand.

Seven Sharp asked the future generation of Aotearoa what they think about the issue.

Eight youngsters were given three options to choose from:

- New Zealand
- Aotearoa New Zealand
- Aotearoa

Four of them chose Aotearoa while the other four liked the option of Aotearoa New Zealand together.

There's been a suggestion we have a referendum on changing New Zealand to Aotearoa for good.

Watch the Seven Sharp video above for more information on how we came to be called New Zealand in the first place.