Police Minister bans another gang patch from being worn at Government buidings

Source: 1News

The Government has added a gang with links to the US and Australia to the list of gangs whose patches are prohibited from Government buildings.

Stuart Nash

In a statement today, Police Minister Stuart Nash says the Mongols Motorcycle Club is considered by Australian law enforcement to be one of the five worst outlaw motorcycle groups currently operating across the Tasman.

“The establishment of the New Zealand chapter of the Mongols MC was likely sparked by the arrival of outlaw motorcycle group members from Australia,” Mr Nash said.

“Australian-based gangs like the Rebels MC first started arriving in 2008 and soon became well-established. Since 2015, more than more than 1800 offenders have been deported from Australia.

"They are bringing a level of professional organisation and business skills to the meth trade which has not been seen before."

“The ban on displaying the Mongols MC patches follows police advice that its members share a common identifying insignia and actively promote, encourage or engage in criminal activity."

Mr Nash says the prohibition on Mongols MC patches was agreed prior to the lockdown and takes effect from today, 24 April 2020.

It is the second gang insignia he has prohibited from Government sites, after also banning Comancheros gang patches in 2018.