Winston Peters urged to reimburse taxpayers $1.2 million spent on his failed privacy lawsuit

Source: 1News

Winston Peters is being urged to reimburse the public after his privacy lawsuit was thrown out this week.

1 NEWS can reveal taxpayers forked out more than $1.2 million defending those Mr Peters accused.

The figure comes after senior National Party politicians and Government officials stood accused of leaking Mr Peters' superannuation overpayments to the press.

The Deputy Prime Minister paid his own lawyer but taxpayers footed the bill for the defence according to Crown Law.

“I had no idea it was high as $1.2 million,” Paula Bennett said.

“I think he should be having a really good look at having to pay that back to taxpayers - when on all counts he has failed.”

Members of the Wellington public agreed with Ms Bennett’s sentiments today.

“I definitely reckon he should pay for it,” one man told 1 NEWS.

However, Victoria University legal expert Eddie Clark thinks the case was important.

“It's something that should worry all of us, it could be our information being leaked to ministers or given to ministers and mysteriously finding its way to the media," he said.

Mr Peters declined to be interviewed today, but said in a statement this was a malicious breach of his privacy that caused considerable stress.

It's not clear yet how much Mr Peters will have to reimburse taxpayers, if at all.