Police say of the four arrested following Christchurch shooting, only one is charged

Source: 1News

As the death toll from the deadly Christchurch shootings on Friday has risen to 50, police say one man has been charged for the horrific acts.

In an official update, Police Commissioner Mike Bush said this morning that four people had been arrested following the shootings but only one was believed to be related to the event.

The 28-year-old male appeared in court yesterday and has been remanded until April 5th.

He said although other people were arrested after the event they are not connected to the shootings.

Two people were apprehended in a car at the cordon and one had a firearm on them.

Both people in the car were arrested.

One has been charged with a firearms offence, the other, a woman has now been released from custody without charge.

A further person, an 18-year-old man was also arrested and is due to appear in court on Monday.

Police do not believe this person was involved in the shootings either.

Mr Bush said all the victims have been removed from the areas where the shootings happened.

He said that one more body had been found at the scene bringing the death toll up to 50.

A further fifty people are injured and 36 of those remain in Christchurch Hospital with two people critical and one child being treated at Starship Hospital.

Mr Bush said this morning that all the injured are being treated “with utmost care and professionalism.”

He said said a list of the victims names had been compiled with help from victims and senior religious leaders.

He said it was done for victims families and is not a formal list  and  they are unable to share exact details until the victims are formally identified - which he says is being done “as quickly as possible.”

Mr Bush also addressed national security and said New Zealand police and other emergency services remain “absolutely vigilant to keep New Zealanders and all who visit here safe from harm.”

"Security around mosques will continue until police believe there is no threat," he said.