National promise no new taxes and repeal of Auckland fuel tax in first term

Source: 1News

National are promising not to introduce a Capital Gains Tax, repeal the Auckland Regional Fuel tax and to not introduce any new taxes in its first term if they win the next election.

“How low can you go and remain as the National Party leader?” Breakfast’s Jack Tame asked the politician today, in the wake of a new 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll.

The announcement came as leader Simon Bridges launched its 'Have your say' families campaign, where the rising cost of rent, petrol prices and everyday living was discussed. 

"Nobody is doubting the Government’s good intentions but these good intentions have consequences that are actually doing more harm than good," Mr Bridges said. 

"All the changes the Government is making to the rental market are supposed to make it better for renters. But, unfortunately, the opposite is happening. Good intentions, bad outcomes."

Mr Bridges promised to get rid of the Auckland Regional Fuel tax and said National would not increase the petrol excise in its first term if elected in 2020.

"We wouldn't be adding an excise tax at a time when petrol prices are already rising," he said. 

Mr Bridges said a Capital Gains tax "another tax on small business owners and entrepreneurs", and promised not to introduce one, and said it would repeal it if it was brought in.