Antarctic Scott Base revamp on cards with $4m allocated to Kiwi base in budget

Source: NZN

New Zealand certainly isn't giving Antarctica the cold shoulder, pouring $9.6 million into its presence on the icy continent in the coming years.

Scott Base, the permanent presence for Kiwis in Antarctica, will be redeveloped down the track with today's budget allocating $4 million capital for the work when it's needed, expected within the next decade.

It's a site that underpins the nation's strategic interests, Foreign Affairs Minister Gerry Brownlee says.

"A revamped Scott Base will allow us to continue providing safe and effective logistics and also supports the high-quality Antarctic science relevant to New Zealand's policy and interest," he said.

Maintaining a presence in Antarctica will also give New Zealand continued influence in the Antarctic Treaty System.

The budget has also allocated $2.1 million over two years in operational costs for Scott Base and $3.5 million for office space at the National Antarctic Programmes in Christchurch.