BBC anchor caught on phone with feet on desk, live on air

Source: 1News

As ministerial resignations continue to pile up and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson battles to remain in office, one BBC presenter has managed to also throw himself into the spotlight.

As journalist Ros Atkins promised to bring viewers the latest from outside 10 Downing Street as the story evolved, BBC News cut from Atkins back to their news studio and anchor Tim Willcox.

It revealed a sitting Willcox looking down at his phone with his feet up on a desk.

The 59-year-old soon realised he was on air and uncrossed his legs. He put them back down on the floor before adjusting his glasses.

The clip went viral online.

"Tbh [to be honest] we’re all doing the same right now," Scott Bryan said of Willcox's phone scrolling.

"Broke the first rule of British people (not being permanently upright)," NBC News tweeted.

"How I feel at Zoom or Google meets," the Chicago Tribune's Kevin Williams wrote.

A number of key cabinet ministers have quit Johnson's Government in the past few days, saying they have lost confidence in the Prime Minister's leadership.

Still, Johnson vowed he would continue in the role.