No Covid-19 update due to Matariki public holiday

Source: 1News

The Ministry of Health won't be providing a 1pm update on Covid-19 numbers on Friday as it is a public holiday.

Rapid Antigen test

Updates will still be published on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday's numbers will include the figures for Friday.

On Thursday, the ministry reported 5285 Covid-19 cases in New Zealand and 12 deaths recorded in people with Covid-19. There are 300 people in hospital with the virus, 34 fewer than Wednesday.

The number of active community cases is 33,699. They were identified in the past seven days but have not yet been classified as recovered.

Also on Thursday, 106 new imported cases of Covid-19 were recorded.

What to do if you contract Covid over the long weekend

The Ministry of Health encouraged Kiwis to have plans in place in the event they contract Covid-19 or are identified as a household contact of a case.

"You would need to self-isolate and likely remain wherever you test positive or become a household contact, so there may be extra costs involved in paying for additional accommodation and changing your travel plans," the ministry said.

"If you have used your own vehicle to travel, you can travel back to your home to isolate, taking public health measures to ensure you don’t infect anyone on your way home – such as maintaining social distance (distancing yourself from others), wearing your mask correctly, making sure you keep your hands clean and dry and using self-service petrol stations if you need to refuel your vehicle.

"However, if you have used public transport or travelled between islands, you won’t be able to travel to isolate at your home. So it is important you have a plan and the ability to isolate where you are holidaying if you need to do so."