2 Starship doctors trade scrubs for costumes in musical Chess

Corazon Miller
Source: 1News

Two Auckland doctors who spend their days caring for sick kids at Starship Hospital have this week been moonlighting as performers in the musical production of Chess.

Amin Roberts and Jon Bishop work as specialist doctors at the children's hospital. Each day caring for kids with gut and liver issues is different, ranging from complex surgeries to routine consults.

Bishop says being able to help some of the country's youngest patients is rewarding. "It is cliched, but most paediatricians enjoy working with kids," he says.

"Seeing children who are often extremely unwell bounce back... you do feel like you make a difference to children in their lives."

But in these pandemic times there have been additional challenges. Roberts says the health system has been hard hit.

"Covid has been really hard for everyone, we've had some staff shortages because of illness, which we have had to cope with."

But, despite their busy workloads, both say being a part of the musical is helping them reset and find a bit of balance in their lives.

It is Bishop's big stage debut, giving him a few nerves ahead of the show. But he was looking forward to it.

"Medicine can be all consuming... but I hope I'm a better more rounded doctor by maintaining my interests outside of work."

Roberts is a bit more of a seasoned performer, with numerous musicals, and a stint on Shortland Street already on his show reel.

"There's nothing quite like being on stage in front of a large audience performing, that is quite exhilarating and rewarding."