High altar cross stolen from central Auckland church

Source: 1News

A large brass cross has been taken from the altar at central Auckland's St Matthew in-the-City church.

By Emma Hildesley

Rev Helen Jacobi posted the news on Twitter, along with images of the high altar cross being taken.

"Devastated to get back from a week away to discover that a brazen thief stole our high altar cross last Friday 13 May at 3.10pm. It is very heavy, made of brass and unique."

Rev Jacobi told 1News the cross could date back as far as 1905.

Vision showed the thief walking straight in and taking the cross from the sanctuary, which wasn't bolted down on the high altar as it's so heavy.

Rev Jacobi said the cross is a "real focal point" for the Sunday service.

"The sacredness of the space makes you stop and typically bow to the cross, but without the cross there it just feels weird and wrong," she said.

"We have a temporary one up but it’s not the same.

"It’s just so empty, if we get the cross back it will be nailed down."

Police say they are making inquiries.