Simon Bridges taking up new role in the media

Source: 1News

Simon Bridges will take up a role in the media after leaving Parliament, it's been revealed.

Simon Bridges.

He delivered his valedictory speech to Parliament on Wednesday, after entering Parliament in 2008 for National and eventually becoming the party's leader.

Bridges will host a digital audio show for Stuff.

"It's a great way to have some fun, possibly be a bit deep and meaningful from time to time and have a creative outlet," he told the news outlet.

“In terms of the content, what I would say is, it won't be what people necessarily expect from me. People have one sort of view of me, but I'm hopeful it will be unexpected and refreshing."

He also said he'll be starting a media role involving writing.

"I’ve enjoyed the people - and the drama. Those who’ve been grateful, even those who’ve been hateful, at least they felt something about me and politics," he said in his valedictory speech.