Video: Greymouth shop submerged as nearby creek's banks burst

Source: 1News

Footage depicting the aftermath of flash flooding on the West Coast shows a Greymouth quilt shop submerged in half a metre of water.

The video provided to 1News captures the owners of the Pink Possum quilt shop surveying the inside of the building as the water surges around them.

The scene from 9.30am on Thursday morning comes after heavy rain caused a nearby creek to burst its banks.

Bystanders, witnessing a half-metre of backwash piled against the shops' glass doors, can be heard in the video exclaiming "look at that, that's insane, that is insane".

While the recording shows some attempt to salvage store goods from the water. The owner of the shop later says to the camera "there's nothing we can do".

"Just gone into my shop... it's starting to go down now, but we're going to go home and just wait."