Protesters use table tennis table as shield, spray extinguisher

Source: 1News

Protesters have deployed a table tennis table and fire extinguishers as police attempt to end the occupation on Parliament.

Now in its fourth week, police on Wednesday massed around Parliament, some with riot shields, as they urged protesters to leave the area.

Forklifts were brought in, and a helicopter circled the area. Police marching in lines came from different directions as they attempt to reduce the space available to those protesting. Police have been emptying tents of those inside.

Pepper spray has been used.

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Footage captured by a 1News camera operator showed a protester using a fire extinguisher against police, with one officer spraying back in response.

Protesters also used a table tennis table as a barrier.

In a tweet, Police said some protesters had pitchforks, and some had pointed a laser at the helicopter.