Two Hamiltonians among new additions in Winter Olympic team

Source: 1News

Eight new Winter Olympians have been given their ticket to ride, bringing the total number of Kiwi athletes heading to Beijing to 14, with only a week left for further selections.

Among the new selections are free skiers Anja Barugh and Chloe McMillan.

“Me and Anja have actually known each other since high school days way back before I even was doing this sport,” McMillan explained.

Barugh is working to get McMillan to join her in Laax, Switzerland where the pipe is in perfect shape after the recent World Cup event.

“Me and Chloe are pretty tight yeah, we've got a good friendship we're currently talking right now trying to organise some plans about her coming out here so,” Barugh said.

Winging their way to such locations just one of the perks of being a professional snow sports athlete.

“I've fortunately been able to visit some countries that I never would have been able to visit and without skiing I wouldn't have left New Zealand,” McMillan explained.

But despite the Instagram worthy travel, McMillian is a poster child for the adage 'there's no place like home'.

“A lot of people have given me crap about growing up in Hamilton but it is hands down the most beautiful place on the planet, I think the best thing about Hamilton is you're close to everything, we're close to Auckland, you can go to Raglan and surf and then we're two hours away from Ruapehu,” she said.

“And the people are the best in New Zealand.”

The region now even more special for turning out two skiers tough enough to make it to Beijing.

“Us being North Island girls who come from the mighty Waikato, we don't come from Wanaka we don't come from a ski town, you know we both qualified for the games, it's awesome.

“I genuinely hope that other girls in New Zealand will watch this no matter where they're from even if they've only skied at Ruapehu two days before, can go 'cool like I could do it as well.’”

Teen heading to Beijing

The youngest member of New Zealand’s Winter Olympics team was one of eight Kiwis to earn selections to Beijing on Thursday.

Sixteen-year-old Gustav Legnavsky was selected alongside Miquel Porteous and Ben Harrington, with the trio joining Miquel’s brother Nico in the men's free ski halfpipe.

“It’s been really special, we’ve been travelling around the world together, been looking up to Nico still to this day,” Legnavsky said.

“It’s really exciting to go to Beijing with them.”

The 16-year-old is training in Laax in Switzerland putting together a run to use in Beijing.

Legnavsky said his mum had she a few tears upon hearing the news that he was becoming an Olympian.