Czech folk singer dies after deliberately catching Covid-19

Source: 1News

A 57-year-old Czech folk singer has died after deliberately contracting Covid-19 to obtain a pass that would have allowed her to visit higher-risk venues without getting vaccinated, according to family.

Hana Horka, vocalist for the band Asonance, voluntarily exposed herself to Covid-19 by spending time with family who had tested positive.

The singer’s son, Jan Rek, told BBC News that he and his father caught the virus over the Christmas period. Rek and his father are fully vaccinated.

He said his mother spent time with them to catch the virus and, once recovered, qualify for greater access to venues through the Czech Republic's health pass system.

"She should have isolated for a week because we tested positive. But she was with us the whole time," Rek said.

In the Czech Republic, health passes can be obtained by recovering from a Covid-19 infection as well as being vaccinated.

Covid-19 vaccination passes in New Zealand are currently only given to people who are double-vaccinated or have a medical exemption approved by the Ministry of Health.

Two days before her death, Horka wrote on her Facebook page she felt she was starting to feel better: "Now there will be theatre, sauna, a concert," the folk singer originally wrote in Czech.

Although his mother was unvaccinated, Rek says she didn't believe in conspiracy theories about the vaccine.

"She was more OK with the idea of catching Covid than getting vaccinated. Not that we would get microchipped or anything like that," he told BBC News.

He said he hoped the story would encourage others to get vaccinated as it was "more powerful than just graphs and numbers".

Only around 63 per cent of the population is fully vaccinated in the Czech Republic, below the average of other European Union nations.

In comparison, New Zealand is around 76 per cent fully vaccinated, with 93 per cent of the eligible population - excluding under-12s - double-jabbed.