Nico Porteous has new trick ready for Winter Olympics

Source: 1News

Winter Olympian Nico Porteous has become used to breaking new ground - and now he’s given a rare glimpse into the training he’s doing to pull off the tricks to put him into medal contention.

The ace up his sleeve is back-to-back double cork 1620s, which is basically four-and-a-half back spins which also has two back flips for good measure.

The 20-year-old has done the trick twice in a row after spending 18 months and over 100 attempts perfecting it at a training camp in Austria.

“Training camps are what decide the season and how we’ll ski and what will happen,” Porteous said.

“That training camp is where I learnt the new trick I’m working on and it's nice to keep something up my sleeve going into these two big events.”

Those events being the X Games and Olympics, the two biggest competitions in snow sports.

“I was talking to my family about it the other day its nice in a way to have two of the biggest events back-to-back,” the 2018 Olympic bronze medallist said.

“It’s exciting - you get two shots.”

But with the Beijing Games around the corner, he already has his sights set on going bigger and better.

“Growing up, I've always gravitated towards people who have pushed the sport and pushed it in the direction they want it to go and been influential on how we look at skiing today and I’d really like to be one of those people who have had that sort of impact on the sport.

“If I can watch an event when I’m retired in five to 10 years, not skiing halfpipe and I can see the tricks I invented and pushed the sport to do are just standard - that is the gold dream achieved.”