MIQ Omicron case linked to returning traveller

Source: 1News

An Auckland MIQ worker is believed to have contracted the Covid-19 Omicron variant from a returning traveller isolating in the Stamford Plaza MIQ facility.

The MIQ worker tested positive for the virus on Friday and was placed into isolation.

An investigation began to determine if the infection originated from the community or the facility.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health confirmed the worker had been infected by someone staying at the facility.

"The border worker’s whole genome sequencing links them to a person who arrived in New Zealand on a flight that landed on 8 January and tested positive on Day 3 (January 13) of their stay at the Stamford Plaza," the ministry said in a statement.

A total of 84 contacts have been identified in relation to the MIQ border worker. At this stage, 79 have returned negative test results and one household contact has returned a positive result.

The border worker’s household contact who returned a positive test on Tuesday is isolating at home.

Two other household contacts are symptomatic but returned negative tests on Tuesday.

The border worker’s co-worker who is symptomatic remains in MIQ and has returned a further negative test.

A further 15 contacts amongst the Stamford Plaza managed isolation staff are currently isolating at home as contacts of the border case and their co-worker.