MIQ Omicron case's household contact tests positive for Covid

Source: 1News

A household contact of the Auckland MIQ Omicron case has on Tuesday tested positive for Covid-19.

A health worker with a Covid-19 test tube.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health said the case is symptomatic, and was already isolating. It is unclear if they have the Omicron variant.

At this stage, there are no exposure events associated with this case.

The Auckland MIQ worker tested positive for Omicron on Sunday, January 16.

Since then, a total of 86 contacts have been identified, including seven household contacts and 79 close contacts.

The ministry said, at this stage, 75 had returned negative test results.

There has been one positive result from the group, the case announced on Tuesday. The person will be formally included in Wednesday’s case numbers.

From the exposure events linked to the initial case, there are 10 people from two bus journeys who are yet to be tested and are being followed up in person, the ministry said.

An investigation into how the MIQ worker became infected is continuing, and testing of staff from the Stamford Plaza facility is ongoing.