Luxon chuckles at John Campbell’s Collins, Bridges-themed Xmas gift

Source: 1News

Christopher Luxon hasn’t read two of his predecessors’ memoirs, and the Breakfast team wanted to change that.

Breakfast has a tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts with both the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition on their last appearances on the show each year.

As the new National leader was handed his present, co-host John Campbell pondered out loud, telling Luxon: “I just wondered if you would be thanking us in a moment or two.”

“This was my idea,” Campbell said.

Christopher Luxon with Christmas presents from Breakfast.

But, Luxon took the joke well as Collins’ Pull No Punches and Bridges’ National Identity was revealed from under the wrapping.

“Can I be honest? I haven’t read either of those books. And I have to apologise to Judith and I have to apologise to Simon,” Luxon said.

“No excuses now,” co-host Jenny-May Clarkson said.

The Breakfast crew received something in return for their efforts - some treats for Clarkson and Indira Stewart and pyjamas for Campbell.

“I’ve known you for a while. I think you’re quite a natty dresser. So, I thought I’d get you some pyjamas … I know the early mornings are tough!” Luxon told Campbell.

On Monday, the Breakfast team gifted the Prime Minister “something for [her] hen party”.