'Don't take anger out on us' threatened vaccinator pleads

Source: 1News

Vaccinator Hanibrez Sipu says her heart stopped when a parent of a child about to be vaccinated against Covid-19 threatened to take her for a "big ride" if any harm came to them.

The incident occurred last week and prompted Sipu to take to TikTok to say it is not OK to threaten vaccinators.

"It's not our fault, we're just doing our job. Don't shoot the messenger," she had said.

Speaking to Breakfast, Sipu said she is still shaken from the incident.

She recalled being asked by the parent: "Are you going to kill my child?", to which she replied "No."

"If you kill my child, I'm going to take you for a big ride," the parent then replied, Sipu said.

The vaccinator managed to administer the dose and while the child apologised for their parent's words, Sipu broke down in the lunchroom afterwards.

She asked her colleague to take over as she could not finish her shift, but on her journey home, she decided to take to social media "to set this right".

"I wanted to bring some awareness to the behaviours, the threats, just the disgusting behaviour we have to face as frontliners," Sipu said.

"I'm doing what I'm doing for my community. This is why I'm a nurse."

Sipu told Breakfast she is trying to keep her head up in the wake of the incident and that she had a message for those threatening vaccinators.

"Please, if you come into our vaccination clinic and you’re not too sure about it, seek some help. Talk to your GP, talk to a nurse or even come and sit down in the booth prior to getting the vaccine.

"Don’t take your anger out on us. We’re just frankly doing our job. We’re trying to do the best we can to keep our community safe. But remember we’re also human too. We have to go back home, we have to go back to our families, so just be aware about the behaviours you’re inflicting on vaccinators. It’s not our fault, please just be kind. Be kind and seek help or talk to someone if you’re not too sure about it."