NZ could lead the charge as interest grows in green hydrogen

Source: 1News

Alternatives to fossil fuels will be front and centre at the COP26 climate summit.

There’s growing interest in green hydrogen, where New Zealand is aiming to be a pioneer.

Plans are underway to build the world’s largest green hydrogen plant in Southland, which has gained 80 expressions of interest since July.

“This could be economically transformational for us. You're talking about high-paid jobs, high-paid earnings export-wise - there's a lot to like,” Otago University professor Sally Brooker said.

“Everyone's getting on this boat, right? It's sailing - it's a wave coming through because the world recognises that climate change is serious now.”

Meanwhile, Air New Zealand has signed an agreement with Airbus to investigate the potential for hydrogen power.

The Government has signed agreements with Singapore and Japan to further develop the industry here.

It’s also handed out millions of dollars to build a second green hydrogen facility in Taranaki and a network of fuelling stations.