Council votes to add 5000 more seats to new Christchurch stadium

Source: 1News

The Christchurch City Council has voted to add 5000 more seats to the city’s planned covered stadium.

An artist's illustration of Christchurch's new stadium.

By Katie Stevenson

The council met to decide whether to overturn a July 22nd decision to build the new stadium with 25,000 seats.

Councillors James Gough and Sam MacDonald filed the motion asking council to reconsider the decision.

Council documents show it would cost ratepayers an extra $50 million on top of the previously budgeted $473 million, not the $88 million councillors based their original decision on.    

Nearly 25,000 people signed a petition asking for the stadium to be kept at the initial 30,000 capacity.

"The arena will be able to host up to 41,000 people for concerts," the Christchurch City Council said in a tweet. 

Petition organiser Rob Hough presented it to council today saying many of the people who signed were upset and angry, feeling like they’ve been given a raw deal.

The vote was carried 15 to one.