Fifty-plus age bracket eligible for Covid vaccine from Friday

Anna Whyte
Source: 1News

People aged 50 and over will be able to get their Covid-19 vaccine early, starting from this Friday. 

Some of the region’s most vulnerable still need a jab.

Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said there had been a "great all round response" and strong uptake from the 60-plus and 55-plus age groups, which meant they could open the 50-plus age band for vaccinations earlier than planned. 

"People in other groups who are eligible and who are not vaccinated yet can also continue to book, there’s no cut-off. Consignments of the vaccine continue to arrive as expected," he said. 

Original age cohorts had estimated people aged 55 and over would be eligible from August 11 (Wednesday) and people 45 and over from mid-to-late August. 

Last week, people aged 55 and over were pulled forward five days and able to get their jab from August 6. 

Yesterday, Ministry of Health reported 2.2 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine had been given, with 816,000 of those second doses. 

On Saturday, 36,248 doses were administered.

The original Covid-19 rollout plan had people aged 35 and over expected from mid-to-late September and everyone else expected from October. 

People 50 and over can book from this Friday, August 13 at 8am.