Raw video: Vehicle rams police car in Auckland CBD

Emily van Velthooven
Source: 1News

A 60-year-old woman has been arrested in downtown Auckland after allegedly trying to run someone over, then deliberately ramming into a stationary police car this morning. 

A man who witnessed the incident said he was amazed no-one was killed. 

Paul Nuku, who is working on the Quay Street pavement development, first noticed tension building between police and a female just after 8am. 

“There was a car that was pulled over by a cop, and then he got out of the car, hit the driver's side window and then she started to speed off,” he told 1 NEWS.

Nuku began filming the ordeal on his phone. But, he said he wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

“She did a U-turn around the intersection, lined up her car and rammed straight into his driver’s seat.”

He said he couldn’t believe what he’d filmed.

“It was just crazy, she seemed pretty p****d off” he said.

The woman then allegedly got out of the car, and approached the officers who were trying to calm her down.

She was arrested and taken away.

Police Inspector Peter Raynes told 1 NEWS the vehicle had allegedly tried to run a member of the public down.

“When police attempted to get the woman out of her vehicle, she deliberately ran into the parked vehicle. No-one was injured,” he said.

Nuku said it could have turned ugly if she was going any faster.

“She could have killed the guy.”

Police arrested the 60-year-old woman without incident.

She is due to appear in the Auckland District Court tomorrow facing charges including assault with a weapon and drove a motor vehicle in a dangerous manner.

A police spokesperson told 1 NEWS staff should be able to operate in a safe environment.

"Anything that puts front line staff at risk is concerning to police, and any instance where a police vehicle is intentionally driven into is unacceptable.

"Our focus is on ensuring officers can operate in a safe environment. We have a number of avenues for support to assist staff involved in these incidents."