Otago University denies lack of support for sexual assault complainants

John McKenzie
Source: 1News

Otago University is denying claims it didn’t do enough to help several students who complained of sexual assault while studying in Dunedin.

One of the Students featured in TVNZ’s Sunday programme , claims the university prioritised its reputation over her wellbeing. 

That didn’t surprise the New Zealand Union of Students Associations.

“Honestly it wasn’t surprising. They’re sort of sweeping it under the rug and that’s not good enough for us,” said NZUSA vice-president Caitlin Barlow-Groome.

Otago University didn’t want to speak on camera regarding the alleged assaults, but reiterated they take allegations of sexual assault seriously.

“We have three or four different teams of people working across a wide range of issues across sexual violence, including handling investigations, including providing support,” said Te Whare Tawharau academic director Melanie Beres.