'New Australia-land' - Australian ad calls on Oz and NZ to unite, with Ardern as PM

Source: 1News

A humorous Australian advertising campaign has called on New Zealand to "bridge the ditch" with Australia over our shared love of lamb, the "smell of unity".

Meat and Livestock Australia launched their summer campaign on Australia Day today, addressing the slew of controversies which have come out of the country in recent years, including Cricket Australia's ball tampering scandal, their revolving door of prime ministers and the right-wing party One Nation, led by Pauline Hanson, Ad News reports.

In the video, Kiwis and Aussies meet halfway between the two countries over a barbecue, sitting on a floatie, as Australians proposes that the two countries unite to become "New Australia-land".

"Think about it - we've got awesome stuff," Australia's "lambassador" says. "You've got awesome stuff. Most of our stuff is already your stuff ... Best of all, you get to share our prime lamb.

"And we can share your Prime Minister," an Australian politician adds.

"Sounds like a Fair Trade Agreement," one of the Kiwis responds.

"So what do you say we bridge the ditch and do this?" the woman asks, referring to the Labour Party's election campaign slogan.

"I guess we gotta check with Jacinda first," the other Kiwi adds.

The Australian politicians then call the Prime Minister as Kiwis and Aussies, all lounging in floaties, tell her to "come join the party".