Wellington's 'entrepreneurial spirit' sees tech boom as companies flock to the capital

Source: 1News

Wellington is seeing a boom in technology companies choosing to do business there.

The city's experienced a 12 per cent revenue growth year on year as more companies make it a permanent base or a place to expand.

One software company celebrating their return to New Zealand from the US is Raygun, which boasts "customers like Coca-Cola, Samsung, [and] Microsoft".

Raygun CEO John-Daniel Trask said, "We can go global from Wellington so easily. We've established ourselves as a technology hub, we can bring in more people, [and] we're also seeing more graduates coming through with technology skills".

Business New Zealand's Kirk Hope explained that technology companies are choosing the capital because of its "really strong skills, and really strong communities of skills and networks, in particular, in relation to data management".

Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency's (WREDA) Lance Walker added, "It's got the talent, it's got the infrastructure and it's really got that strong sense of community which drives that innovation".

However, Wellington is still lagging behind our largest city.

Auckland has nearly 50,000 tech employees, and the tech sector contributes around $7.8 billion to the local economy - nearly half of the the sector's total income.

Meanwhile, Wellington has around 16,000 employees, and the sector contributes around $2.5 billion annually to the local economy.

"Yes, it's about attracting new businesses, but it's also about attracting and encouraging talent to stay here and be part of that entrepreneurial spirit that Wellington is famous for," Mr Walker said.

Statistics show Wellington's "entrepreneurial spirit" is helping the local sector expand, with the industry seeing 12 per cent growth on average year on year, and it's hoped more companies will continue the trend.

Raygun, which is aiming to recruit 70 new staff next year, is currently working with Immigration New Zealand and tertiary providers for training and recruitment.