New diet pill no magic bullet, nutritionist warns

Source: 1News

A leading nutritionist is warning a new natural diet pill that's just launched is no magic bullet.

Seven Sharp reported the new supplement is the result of years of study at Plant and Food Research which found that something in New Zealand hops triggers a reaction in the brain that makes people feel less hungry.

Plant and Food research scientist John Ingram explained the bitter tasting compound, "activates a process which is normally activated by food anyway, but it just does it in an extreme way and it triggers specific cells there to signal to the brain that you're full".

So far there has been one trial showing the effect of the pill which is taken about an hour before a meal or a person's key snacking time.

"We did a study in 20 men and it showed that they reduced their food intake by about 20 per cent. A real eureka moment, it was fantastic," Mr Ingram said.

Healthy Food Guide Nutritionist Claire Turnbull said as well as taming appetite, "it's actually important to think about the quality of the food that you're eating".

"And also you need to remember to include exercise in the picture."

Ms Turnbull warns the supplement is no magic bullet and more research on long-term weight loss is needed.

Such research could be coming from John Ingram's team.

"I've been trying for last five years get funding to look at these look long-term effects and we're really hopeful that'll happen soon," he said.

The diet pill has attracted much interest in New Zealand where most of the population is officially overweight.

It will be sold only online and will not be available in shops.