Watch: Pair of Labour MPs nurse their babies in the House during touching moment as Parliament kicks off

Source: 1News

Labour MP Willow-Jean Prime has today breastfed her three-month old baby in the Parliament debating chamber, a rare occurrence among New Zealand MPs.

And Ms Prime was not alone, with Labour MP Kiri Allan, who sits right next to her, also bringing her child into the debating chamber.

Ms Prime has made her newborn a fixture of Parliament since arriving with little Heeni in her arms as she arrived at the Beehive for the first time following the general election.

"Trevor Mallard says he already bags the first hug," Ms Prime said as she arrived at Parliament on September 25.

In the 1980s a room close to the chamber was set aside to allow women to breastfeed.

In the 1990s a childcare center at Parliament was setup also.

The practice of breastfeeding in parliament was brought to the public eye in Australia also recently.

Greens MP Larissa Waters breastfed her 14-month old child while addressing the Australian Senate in June this year.