Watch: 'You don't have the right to be here, you Muslim' - woman's disgusting racist attack on women wearing hijabs in Huntly

Source: 1News

An Auckland woman who was the victim of a shocking and disgusting racist attack in the Waikato town of Huntly said the attacker threw cans of alcohol at her and even attempted to hit her.

Footage was taken after Mehpara Khan and her two friends went to use public toilets in Huntly.

A woman nearby approached Mehpara and her friends, and started hurling abuse at them. They were all wearing hijabs.

In the video, the woman who carried out the attack appeared to be drunk as she threw beer cans at Khan, ordering her and her friends to leave. 

"Get in your f****** car, hurry up - do you not understand?"

"I was born here. Ive got he right to be here," Khan replied.

When the woman realised she was being recorded by Khan on her cellphone she approached Khan and tried to hit her.

"F*** off, I don't care if you were born here , You don't have the right to be here, I was f****** born here, I own the f****** land; now get the f*** off - you ugly f******b****," the woman said to Khan.

As the group began to leave the site Khan said the woman attempted to get into the car and slammed her fists at the window.

A man then appeared and hugged the woman to calm her down.

As soon as the group of friends reached Auckland they went to the Manukau Police Station to report the incident.

The video was uploaded to Facebook last night and has since been viewed more than 100,000 times and shared almost 15,000 times.

Hundreds of people have commented on the video to show their support.

"You did amazingly well to keep your cool. Screw racism. Screw Islamaphobia. This is New Zealand - a country made special by it's multiculturalism," Facebook user Daniel Alexander wrote.

"Sending love and good vibes your way after such a horrible and personal attack."

Khan has since thanked people for their comments following the "overwhelming" experience.

"My phone is over run with positive messages right now. So good to know that we as Kiwis don't accept this as our NZ," she wrote on Twitter.

Khan said her and her friends weren’t looking to incriminate the woman who attacked them but instead they are hoping the video would raise awareness towards the treatment of religious minorities.

Khan said she has only been verbally abused once before by a homeless man in a McDonald’s restaurant but has felt a steady increase of islamophobia in the recent months.

The 28-year-old works as a communications consultant for the Automobile Association.