Fast food delivery price hikes hidden - Consumer NZ

Source: 1News

Consumer NZ is warning hungry Kiwis to beware of the hidden costs of fast food delivered to your door saying some companies are deceiving customers, by increasing the price of individual items if they're delivered.

The consumer watchdog says Pizza Hut, Domino's, KFC, Taco Bell, Carl's Jr and some third-party delivery services like Uber Eats hike the price of menu items on top of the delivery fee.

“We're really concerned there is a misrepresentation around the total cost of delivery,” says Consumer NZ chief executive Jon Duffy.

Duffy says the practice may breach the Fair Trade Act.

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Consumer NZ is lodging a complaint with the Commerce Commission, in the hopes of prompting an investigation.

“It's misleading or deceptive conduct for businesses to do this without disclosing what the total cost of delivery is to consumers.”

“There needs to be some kind of justification for it otherwise it doesn't really make sense they are effectively relying on you to figure it out for yourself.”

1News tested the price hike allegations, placing two identical orders from Pizza Hut.

The only difference – one order was a pick-up, the other delivered.

The cost for a pizza and side picked up came to $15.39.

For delivery, the same items cost $18.49.

Add on the delivery charge of $7.99, and the same order costs an extra $11.09 when delivered.

1News has approached the restaurant brands for comment, but received no response.

Shortly after they were approached, Domino's updated the small print on its website, outlining its ‘6% Delivery Service Fee’.