Dunedin author had 'no idea' book was being gifted to royals

Source: 1News

A Dunedin author had "no idea" her book was being gifted to Prince William by Jacinda Ardern.

Emma Wood found out her children's book, Tulip and Doug, had been gifted to the royals in a series of text messages from friends.

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"I found out when I woke up yesterday morning and I had dozens of messages from friends and well-wishers who had seen the media stories about it.

"I must say it was a very exciting start to the day for an otherwise pretty routine Sunday," she told Seven Sharp.

Wood said the Prime Minister first read Tulip and Doug when her mother gifted it to Ardern's daughter Neve.

"A few months ago she [Ardern] posted on her Instagram story that it was one of her favourite books to read to Neve so that was amazing when that happened and then yesterday to see that she'd presented it to Prince William was the cherry on top."

The book, which came out in 2020, is a heart-warming story about a young girl and her pet potato.