Protesters from both sides of abortion debate clash in US

Pro-life advocates have clashed with women's rights supporters across America as the fallout from the Supreme Court's decision to ban abortion continues.

Protestors from both sides gathered again outside the court in Washington DC, as well as main cities across the country.

In Los Angeles, pro-choice advocates marched down a usually traffic-jammed highway.

Many of those outraged at the court's decision to upend 50 years of a woman's right to healthcare are calling for the federal government to enact its own protections to enshrine the right to an abortion.

"They'll either be forced to give birth to an unwanted pregnancy or they're going to take matters into their own hands," said a volunteer at the Jackson Women's Health Organisation in Mississippi.

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It has just nine days left to treat as many women as possible, before the state's total abortion ban forces it to move inter-state.

A clinic will be set up in New Mexico.

"We're not laying down, we're not giving up," says the clinic's owner Diane Derzis.

"Women have always had abortions, no matter what it took - even if it was their own life."

The court's sweeping overturn of the Roe v Wade precedent has already seen trigger bans start to fall into place across 13 states - more than 31 million women had their access to an abortion curtailed overnight.

Supporters of abortion rights are warning access to contraception and same-sex marriage will be the next rights to fall as the conservative Supreme Court justices exercise their power.

"They are coming for you next," warned Derzis.

The anti-abortion argument propelled into the spotlight by the religious right is set to become a hot topic in the lead up to November's mid-term elections.

At a rally today former president Donald Trump - who successfully nominated three of the far right conservative justices to the Supreme Court bench - congratulated those who'd lobbied to restrict women's rights.

"Your boundless love, sacrifice and devotion has finally been rewarded in full. Congratulations," he said.