Leafy greens could be heading for all-time high prices

Source: 1News

Salad could be off the menu for the next few weeks as growers cope with the fallout from recent extreme weather.

The cost for leafy greens may be an all-time high, but Phil’s Garden Owner Paul Russell said there’s still good value options around.

“You can’t go wrong with potatoes, pumpkins - they go alright in a soup this time of year. Leeks, they grow alright in the winter, just stay away from your tomatoes and salad kind of stuff," he said.

“The mix of the weather, increase in production costs like petrol and staffing shortages are why we see the spike. Winter happens every year but it’s the combination hurting us."

Tony Cato picking his broccoli from a kayak.

Broccoli grower Tony Cato got creative, using a kayak to salvage what he could of his flooded broccoli crop.

“We ended up having to throw it all out because we didn’t want to run the risk of anything being contaminated. That was quite a big event we haven’t had that for five or six years now,” Cato said.