New Christchurch convention centre attracts overseas visitors

Source: 1News

Overseas visitors were welcomed to Christchurch's newly-finished convention centre for its first international exhibition on Wednesday.

Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre covers over 28,000 square metres and is now capable of handling up to 2000 event delegates.

The building has been years in the making, having started construction in 2017, and is now expected to bring $600 million to the local economy over the next decade.

Wednesday's event was a conference about conferences. Business Events Industry Aotearoa's (BEIA) flagship exhibition, Meetings, was the venue's first international trade show.

Visiting Australian Paula Roundtree told 1News she was impressed by the new venue.

"I've actually been blown away - this is my first time to Christchurch," she said.

"I came in still thinking of Christchurch as maybe a little bit old-fashioned, maybe not as cutting edge, and funky as some of the other cities in New Zealand."

Te Pae general manager Ross Stele said it was a good outlook ahead for the venue.

"If we look at the 2022 and 2024 financial year, for example, we've got 72 conventions that are booked, and probably another 120 events in and around those."

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Meanwhile, local companies are excited by the opportunities that the convention centre has brought for business. The Christchurch Adventure Park's Anne Newman said there was fresh visitor attention as a result of the new facility.

"We have been non-stop talking to people who want to bring conferences to New Zealand and specifically into Christchurch."