Gloriavale rewriting document that gives husbands control over wives

Ryan Boswell
Source: 1News

Gloriavale’s leadership is rewriting a controversial document that gives husbands complete control over their wives.

TVNZ’s Sunday programme has highlighted the pledge members make when they join the West Coast commune, which includes losing the right to say “no” to sex in marriage.

‘What We Believe’ was written by the late founder Hopeful Christian, who was convicted of sexual offending.

In a statement to 1News, Gloriavale leader Peter Righteous said the document is “way out of date and is being revised”.

The leadership issued an unprecedented apology in May for failing to protect victims of sexual abuse and labour exploitation.

A number of procedures have been put in place "that make it safe for people in our community to share their experiences, and which allow us to take steps to ensure they are loved and protected, with options for remedy”.

Extensive measures are said to ensure sexual offending cannot occur, including the establishment of a child protection team that answers directly to Oranga Tamariki. It is led by a senior external adviser appointed by the ministry.

Righteous said the “important thing for is where we are heading now”.